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Government ministers are impressed by Costa Rica case study PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 22 July 2011 08:14

When then National Coordinating Organisation FLACSO won the GNDR Action at the Frontline prize for best case study, Alice Brenes was overjoyed:


costa_rica_award_1‘This is an important recognition of the work of these people – mostly women (many older women), youth and children, in the community of Hotel de Cañas, who worked together with government actors (regional, local and national), international cooperation (JICA) and private business. Their actions as part of the very processes of local development were able to reduce the risk of disaster, and more specifically, were able to mitigate the risk of flooding. Thank you so much!


I’d like to share with you the exact reaction of the representative women leaders, who are truly the winners of this prize. Below are the words from the Associación de Desarrollo Integral de Hotel (the Holistic Development Association of Hotel), their Community Emergency Committee and the community of Hotel de Cañas in Guanacaste, Costa Rica:

“Firstly, we would like to thank God for having won. We really did not expect it and want to thank everyone for their faith in us. This recognition has left me speechless and so overwhelmed with emotion, just to see our community, our county, our small Costa Rica, and the effort of organizations like CNE, JICA CEPREDENAC, the Municipality, and so many other lovely people who have supported us be recognized. That this small, poor and humble neighbourhood is representing Costa Rica represents a huge success; thank you so much for that and we send you greetings.” Eugenia Baltodano (Coordinator of the Community Emergency Committee that became a part of the Hotel Community’s Holistic Development Association (County of Cañas)

“Thank you!!! I think that everyone deserves a slice of this cake … we are like the human body – each of our organs must work together to keep the body in good shape, each needs the others. Thank you very much, there is still so much to do and we’ll keep in contact.  :o)”  (Tatiana Rodriguez (Young leader – from the Community Emergency Committee)

Since winning the prize, the case study video was shown at various stakeholder meetings across Costa Rica. Most recently it was presented at the Central American GAR meeting which was attended by Andrew Maskrey from UNISDR and ministers from the Costa Rica government and the representative of UNDP in Costa Rica, Omar Darío Cardona.


All were impressed by the case study itself and its exemplary demonstration of multi-stakeholder partnerships.  Many want to use the video as a tool for education and awareness raising including the regional Disaster Information Centre CRID (


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